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Videolinq is the name given to the organisational unit that administers the extensive DETE Queensland Videoconferencing Network and videostreaming facility. Videolinq incorporates twelve of the thirteen TAFE Queensland Institutes as well as the DETE Regional Offices and Schools and comprises 137 current units made up of auditorium, room-based, desktop and personal VC systems, located in TAFE Queensland, Education Queensland and associated premises across the state.

Please view our location map for the geographic location of sites and Videolinq Site Directory for details of each individual network room, relevant contact personnel and contact numbers.

Videolinq Logo

The Network utilises a Codian MSE 8000 MCU unit located in Brisbane. The Codian Bridge has a total capacity of 120 ports allowing a mixture of IP (Internet Protocol) and ISDN capability with full transcoding and 'Continuous Presence' functionality. The transcoding functionality provides seamless connection of videoconferencing endpoints with different network speeds. The Videolinq Network's transmission default is 384 Kbps. Continuous Presence enhances the videoconferencing experience by allowing users to view multiple sites simultaneously.

Videolinq maintains a videostreaming capability at the Mackay office in Central Queensland that comprises stand-alone production and server equipment powered by a 2 megabit link.

The Videolinq office is physically located in the Mackay College, Central Queensland Institute. It is responsible for the day to day operations of the state-wide base and coordinates the network activities of the member institutes. Currently Videolinq is a unit of the Services and Support directorate within the Information and Technologies Branch (ITB).

The Network

The Network consists of Cisco videoconferencing units and uses a Codian multipoint bridge
(Multi-Point Control Unit - MCU).

Institute networks are maintained by a series of established personnel management structure who take responsibility for the provision of internal network services. Each institute provides an Institute Manager drawn from the Institute executive who is responsible for the overall administration of the internal Institute network. The Institute Program Coordinator position coordinates the educational and training needs of the institute and Institute educational staff fills these positions. Institute Site Coordinator and Site Coordinator positions are responsible for the operational aspects of the Institute network and of the individual sites.

Videolinq is in a partnership with Telstra iVision Pty Ltd which supplies network facility management and equipment maintenance services as per a Government Information Technology Contract (GITC). Telstra iVision has offices in the Telstra building in Brisbane and is affiliated with the national company of the same name which has offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Additional service providers include JPL Media for videostreaming application and server support.