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Videoconference Teacher Licence Training

Training Structure

Videoconferencing Teacher Training is conducted across a multi-point videoconference (three or more sites) where Regional Education Coordinators in association with the Videolinq Educator, collaborate on the delivery and assessment of the training. Videolinq Network personnel (Regional Education Coordinators and the Videolinq Educator) have developed a course structure that provides participants with the skills and knowledge that they require to adapt their current educational resources and teaching strategies to a format that will be effective across the videoconferencing medium.

General Information

Teaching via videoconference allows students, in many cases, to access training at their local campus that was previously unavailable or too costly to offer due to limited student numbers. Videoconferencing enables electronic face-to-face instruction over distance providing students with enhanced communication and training opportunities. Initially teachers will need to plan and prepare more extensively for videoconferencing delivery than for a face to face teaching session. However, the application of "best practice" videoconferencing strategies will show improvements in student motivation, retention and learning that will compensate for the extra efforts required by the teacher for an effective VC experience.

Videolinq offers this training program for teachers to develop the skills and knowledge in using the videoconferencing medium for the delivery of training and education. The training is delivered across the TAFE Queensland videoconference network with supporting resources available via the Videolinq web site.

Training Outcomes

On completion of the program participants will be able to:

  • Prepare presentations for educational delivery in a point-to-point or multi-point videoconference environment.
  • Deliver presentations using appropriate techniques, protocols and videoconferencing technology.
  • Review presentations using feedback and other response strategies. Technology skills that contribute to effective execution of tasks.