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VC Training

The following sets of training resources are available by clicking on the link for the required resource.

Videoconferencing Teacher Training

Description Duration Presenter
Adobe PDF Document Teacher Notes
PDF, 44KB Mark Walshe
Introduction to Document Cameras 6:12 Mark Walshe
Document Camera: Practical Demonstration 10:25 Mike Given
Using a Whiteboard in a Videoconference 5:27 Mark Walshe
Tips for Videoconferencing Teachers: Videoconference Room Setup 5:12 Mike Given
A Reminder: VC Teaching Strategies 6:56 Mike Given

General Videoconferencing Training

Description Duration Presenter
How to Connect a Laptop 4:42 Mike Given
Presenting by VC: Tips for Running Meetings 8:34 Mike Given
Adapting PowerPoint for Videoconferencing 4:34 Mike Given

Videostreaming Training

Description Duration Presenter
Videostreaming Introduction 5:09 Mike Given
Videostreaming for Teachers: An Introduction 3:26 Mike Given
Recording a Videostream: Just How Easy Can It Be? 3:58 Mike Given
Spicing Things Up: Making Your Videostream More Interesting and Effective 10:24 Mike Given
Videostreaming: How to Involve Others 6:33 Mike Given