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How to Make a Basic Booking

NOTE: 'To Be Announced'(TBA) Online Ver. 3 is powered by Microsoft Silverlight 5. The following instructions will be updated to reflect the new version in the near future. If you need further help with a booking please contact Videolinq.

Access to make a booking is password protected and only available to designated staff.

1. Go to TBA Online (

Click on the Log In button in the top right hand corner and enter the
e-mail address and password supplied to you by the Videolinq Office.
Click Login.

TBA Login

2. Click on the My Bookings tab

TBA Login

In the bottom left hand corner, then click on New in the top right hand corner. Select the type of booking. Click Next.

3. Double click on the relevant Site List folder/s

Select the sites needed by clicking on the site name. Do this until all required sites are listed in the right hand part of the screen. Click Next.

  • Ensure that the correct host site has been ticked.
  • If any sites appear with a red box around Co-ordinator Contacted you must contact that Site Co-ordinator to ensure that the room is available before you place the booking.
  • Where possible, enter the participant name and phone number, or total attendee numbers for each site.
TBA Login

4. Click on the Required Date on the Calendar

TBA Login

Hover over the clock next to Start, and select the conference start time. Change the Finish time by clicking on the up or down arrows next to Duration until the desired finish time displays.
Click on Add Date to Booking. Click Next.

  • If the circle to the right of the date is red rather than green, one or more of the sites aren't available at that time. Click on the down arrow to the left of the date to see what sites aren't available. These sites will either need to be removed or the date or time changed before you can move on.
  • If you wish to add multiple reoccurring dates click on the Add Multiple Dates button under the calendar. Select the first and last dates of the VC by clicking on the relevant calendars. Select the start and finish times as outlined above. Select the frequency and day the VC will occur. Click Okay.

5. Enter the Booking Details

Click Next.

  • For a Teaching Booking enter the Internal Order / Cost Centre Code, Program Number and Name, Total Student Numbers, and Nominal Hours. Enter the teacher's contact details.
  • For Administration or Professional Development bookings enter the Internal Order / Cost Centre Code, Conference Title and the requesting person's details.
TBA Login

6. Check the Booking Summary Details

TBA Login

Click Submit.

  • If any of the details are incorrect click on the Back button until you get to the relevant page. Update the details required and click Next until you are ready to click Submit.
  • Once you have submitted the booking a Booking Reference number will appear on the screen and your booking will have been e-mailed to iVision.
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For more detailed instructions designed to help new users utilise the TBA Online Booking system access the following links: